Best Bingo Deposit Bonuses

If you are looking for a top bingo site with the biggest and best bingo deposit bonuses available to players, we list them below. Most bingo bonuses can be used for bingo, slots or a combination of both.

Best Bingo Deposit Bonuses

What are bingo bonuses?

A bingo bonus is something given to you by your new bingo site. This is usually given after you have made a deposit and can be used to by tickets for the bingo games on offer.

Some of these bonuses come without restrictions, while others can be restricted on things such as the room you can use it in and the wagering requirement needed to withdraw winnings.

A wagering requirement is an amount you have to play before funds can be withdrawn, it is usually based on the bonus you receive and is multiplied by a fixed figure.

To show this as an example, a £10 bonus with a 5x wagering requirement needs £50 to be played before you can withdraw the bonus money.

How do you claim a bingo bonus?

There are two ways in which you can claim a bingo bonus, both are done automatically so this is easy but it is worth noting which method the bonus will be sent, so you know when to expect it.

The first is credited as soon as you make a deposit, this is purely based on the deposit you make and nothing else, meaning you can play with the bonus funds straight away.

The second is given after you have played your deposit. This is because this bonus requires to deposit and play, rather than just deposit.

It is also worth checking what games you can play on if you need to play through funds before you get the bonus. Can you play bingo only, or do you need to play on slot games before you receive the bonus?

Can you claim a bingo bonus offer more than once?

The simple answer here is no when we are talking about the welcome bonuses for new players. These are specifically for new players and limited to one, so once you have taken it and used it, there is no other welcome bonus.

What many bingo sites do have to help with this is several regular offers for existing players. If you are looking for constant offers from your bingo site then look to play somewhere that not only has a welcome bonus but also has regular offers after that for you to use.

These may be given once per week, some can even be used daily if you are a regular player.

What bingo bonuses are available for existing customers?

When looking for regular offers that existing customers can use, you can expect to see deposit offers, free bingo tickets, free slot spins, prize draws and more.

Some are available to all players on the site and will be advertised when you log on while others may be for selected players only, these will usually be emailed out to you.

If you are looking for offers then be sure to opt-in to receive them from your bingo site, otherwise, they will never be sent over to you.

How much can you win from a bingo bonus?

Most bingo sites do not put a limit on the amount you can win from your bingo bonus. However, some do so look in the terms and conditions for this before you sign up.

The maximums may be hard to hit, so won’t affect you but you should always fully understand each aspect of the bonus you are taking.

As an example, a site may have a 5x limit on the winnings from your bonus. If you’ve received a £20 bonus then the maximum you can turn that into is 5x which is £100. If you win more than that, say £150 for example, the money is capped and just £100 will go into your account.

Can you play slots with a bingo bonus?

If you receive a specific bingo bonus then it can only be used on bingo games. Some sites offer a slot bonus as well as a bingo bonus, and some that offer a bonus that can be used on both.

However, these are slot bonuses with bigger wagering requirements that can also be used on bingo, rather than a bingo bonus that can be used on slots.

Bingo Bonus Types

There are many types of bingo bonus out there if you’ve not seen them all before or you are completely new then here is a rundown of what you can expect to find.

Deposit bonuses

A deposit bonus is based on a deposit you make and nothing else, other than potential verification documents being processed.

The offer you receive will either be a percentage of your deposit or a fixed amount. If this is a percentage based offer then there will be a maximum.

As an example – a 100% deposit offer up to £100 means if you deposit £100 you get £100 as a bonus.

An example of a fixed amount offer would be deposit £20 get a £20 bonus.

Deposit and spend

A deposit and spend offer is the same as above with an added requirement. That is you must play your deposit through before you get the bonus.

Using the fixed bonus example above of deposit £20 and get a £20 bonus. This works the same and you receive the same amount but you will only receive it when you have played the £20 you deposited, not straight after depositing.

Stake and get

This is a type of existing player offer that you can look out for when you have used your welcome bonus.

Rather than being based around depositing, this is based on you staking money.

For example, this offer may be spend £20 on bingo games and get a free £5 bingo bonus. If you already have the £20 in your account, there is no need to make a deposit you can simply use that, play the bingo games on offer and claim your £5 bingo bonus at the end of it.

Mobile bingo bonuses

This can be any type of offer, but the key to this is being able to play on mobile. It will either have to be claimed when playing on mobile or when downloading the bingo app your site has, something in the restrictions will include mobile gaming.

These are often a way for sites to move players onto mobile gaming and don’t require any type of spend usually so they are small bonuses.

Free bingo tickets

We all love free bingo and claiming free tickets from your bingo site is one of the most common offers available.

These do come with restrictions though, which are worth looking out for. They generally have to be used in a specific room, and maybe even at a specific time, whereas a standard deposit bingo bonus can be used anytime on any game.

Free bingo tickets are common and they are used a lot by bingo sites, but when you consider the restrictions on them, if you have the choice, it is always better to go with deposit bonuses.

Free bingo

If you are new to bingo gaming online and want something to get you started, free bingo can offer that. You will often find a free room that new players have access to for a period to play for free.

Other than finding your feet though, everything else on offer is minimal. The prizes are usually small and paid in bonus funds not cash.

These rooms have their uses but in terms of a bonus from your bingo site, other options are better.

Loyalty bonuses

If you intend to play bingo regularly then it may be worth finding a site that offers a loyalty bonus.

These sites give you rewards which may be free spins, free game entry and more to their regular players, usually through collecting loyalty points and moving up through the levels on your bingo site.


Bingo sites offering cashback is a relatively new thing, compared to casino sites offering cashback which has been around for a number of years now.

One of the latest bingo sites that offer cashback is PlayOjo which now has a bingo offering. They offer 10% money back on every bingo ticket that you buy.

What makes a good deposit bonus offer?

Quite simply, size is the key here. A big bonus offer based on your first deposit, whether this is for bingo only or bingo and slots, is a great way to kickstart your new bingo account.

We have seen some huge bonuses handed out over the years and while some of these have disappeared, there are many great bingo bonuses still available to claim.

One of the biggest ways to take advantage of bingo bonuses is to know and understand how each works, and also how they relate to your typical spend.

For example, a 300% bingo bonus with a maximum stake of £5 limits your stake but gives you a bigger reward than a 100% matched bonus with a £50 limit.

If you are going to deposit £50 anyway, then the second bonus is better for you, but those looking to deposit a smaller amount, the first option gives you a bigger return on your money.

It is also worth looking out for extras attached to your bonus. These come in many forms and can enhance things further, potentially swaying your decision about which bonus you should take.

Look out for things such as:

  • Free bingo tickets or free slot spins
  • Access to free bingo rooms for new players
  • Loyalty points
  • Non-bingo related items such as vouchers to spend elsewhere like Amazon.

If two bonuses look almost the same, but one offers something from the above then it will make it stand out and be the deciding factor.

Check the terms and conditions?

Big bingo bonuses are great, but before you sign up for something big, you must check out the terms and conditions that are attached to the bonus. It is no good having a great number of bonus funds if the requirements are too difficult to access it.

Wagering requirements

This is how many times you will have to play your deposit through before you can access the winnings and will vary between different sites.

As an example – if you have a 3x playthrough on both your deposit and bonus and you make a deposit of £50 which is 100% matched, you will have to playthrough £300.

This is your £50 deposit plus the £50 bonus to give you £100 then x3 to give £300.

Make sure you can do this before signing up.

It’s also worth noting that there are a small number of bingo sites offering no wagering requirements on bingo deposit bonuses. Some of these include:

Some bonuses expire

You should always note that some bonuses have an expiry date on them.

If you receive free tickets you may only have a few days to use them on the site, otherwise, they will be lost. There will also be a time for you to meet the wagering requirements on the site too, this is often longer and commonly around 30 days.

Again, it is something to look for in the terms and conditions.

Further deposits

You also need to check out what happens if you deposit again while having an active bonus. Will the bonus be used first to give you time to play this, or will it be cash first and your bonus will have to wait, and potentially expire?

Withdrawal limits

Is there a limit on the winnings you can get from your bonus? If so, is this capped at a set figure or something that has a maximum conversion attached to it?

If you have one of these, it will be applied after you have played through your wagering requirement. At this stage, as an example, if you have £200 and the maximum bonus is £150, only the £150 will be sent to your regular balance and you will lose the other £50.

Bonus restrictions

Lastly, look for restrictions, these could be any of the following:

  • Game eligibility – only on bingo and no slots, only on specific rooms?
  • Type of game – Not valid on jackpots or progressive jackpots?
  • Specific details – only to be used in one room, or on one slot?
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