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If you like playing online slots at casino and slots sites you might surprised to know there are cashback deals to be found at some of the best casino sites. Some online casinos and slot sites offer players cashback as an incentive which can be credited to your account as cash, free spins or bonus funds.

We have compiled a list of the best cashback casino sites available in the UK. Any bet you lose on a game at these sites will give you a cashback guarantee.

Casino Cashback Bonuses

Casino bonuses and promotions, without a doubt, accomplish their mission. Online casinos use bonuses to thank you for signing up with them and for making your first deposit. You will feel rewarded, and you will take it as an indication that things are going to work excellently, encouraging you to make deposits and play your favourite games over and over again. Promotions and bonuses will vary from one casino to another depending on various factors, which include the target market, software used, and unique strategies to attract gamblers.

Casino Cashback BonusesA cashback casino bonus is a type of offer that helps many real money gambling platforms to attract a large number of players. As the name suggests, online casino sites give the gamers their cash back, and in most cases, this type of offer is given in the form of a welcome bonus. However, there are some online casinos that offer the bonus as a weekly promotion or VIP reward. The cashback casino offer is given in the form of credits or cash to use again at your favourite casino website.

Although casino cashback promotions may have a high expected value and unlimited reloads, they’re always almost free of wagering requirements. For you to enjoy a cashback bonus, you will need to have a higher risk ambition since many casino sites will require you to make a large deposit to claim it. The money that you receive from a deposit bonus or a casino cashback program is a way to reimburse you for your losses.

It is not a way to make you rich, but it helps you recover your casino bankroll easier. Keep in mind that many British casino sites grant a cashback bonus only to new and loyal players who make deposits and play regularly. Many cashback casinos offer this bonus on various casino games, including table games and popular slot games like Book of Dead. If you are looking for a cashback bonus, then you are in the right place. Read on to learn more.

What is Casino Cashback?

A casino cashback deal is one of the best promotions in the online casino industry. It provides players with a way to take advantage of the top and best online casinos. Casino cashback enables you to protect your wagers when playing your favourite online games, with the possibility to earn cashback if you do not win your wager. The cashback bonus is incredibly popular in the world of casinos since it helps online gaming sites attract as many casino players as possible and earn them real money back into their betting accounts if they lose.

Usually, cashback casino online offers come with some terms and conditions as well as wagering requirements, meaning you will have to meet them in order to use your cashback bonus money. With a casino cashback bonus, you’re guaranteed to get a certain percentage of your initial stake back at the end if you lose your bet. Much like insurance products and services, a casino cashback bonus enables you to protect your current wagers.

Are There Wagering Requirements on Casino Cashback Bonuses?

As with many online casino promotions, cashback bonuses come with wagering requirements and other terms and conditions. With this in mind, it is advisable to go through the casino terms & conditions section to learn more. The requirements for cashing out your casino cashback bonus will vary from one British casino to another.

In most cases, the wagering requirements for a cashback bonus are player-friendly. They range between one and ten times. Many cashback casinos make sure that the play-through requirements for these offers are lower than for reload or a first deposit online casino bonus. If you do thorough research, you can find a casino site offering a wager-free cashback bonus for new players. It means that if you win, everything belongs to you.

Can I Only Get Casino Cashback Offers on Certain Games?

The games that a casino cashback bonus allows you to play vary from one gaming platform to another. Some online casinos will only require you to use your bonus funds on certain games like slots or table games, while others will allow you to choose your favourite titles from different categories. These categories include the likes of live dealer games and video poker games, among others.

So before you can select a casino with a cashback offer, you should make sure that it offers the bonus on your favourite games. If either slot games or table games are your favourites, check the terms & conditions of your preferred casino site to ensure that you will be able to use the cashback bonus on these games.

Can I Get Cashback With Other Types of Gambling Sites?

Apart from cashback casinos, you can also get this type of promotion at other types of casino websites. Usually, cashback casinos offer this promotion as a welcome bonus. But when it comes to other types of casinos, you will find this offer in the form of ongoing promotions or VIP rewards. Below are more details about all cashback casino deals that you can find at other types of gaming sites.

Ongoing Cashback Offers

Before you can sign up with any online gaming platform, you should ensure that aside from a welcome bonus, it also offers plenty of other ongoing promotions. These promotions should include not only cashback online casino offers but also free spins, tournaments, reload casino bonuses, and more.

The cashback free spins casino offers will allow you to enjoy your favourite slot machines while other promotions will enable you to play games like Keno, live dealers, and video poker, to mention a few. You will only know if a gaming site is offering all these types of promotions when you visit its casino bonuses section. Some sites offer ongoing cashback casino bonuses daily, while others provide them on a weekly or monthly basis.

With this in mind, it is not easy to understand the exact cashback offer that an online gaming site is offering if you do not read all the terms & conditions or visit the promotions section. Checking this upfront is vital since it will make you deposit and play your favourite games at different cashback casinos without any worries. There is nothing more exciting than playing at cashback casinos, knowing that if you lose, you will receive some real money or free spins.

VIP Cashback Offers

Many casino websites know who their most important and valuable players are. These are players who deposit and place wagers regularly. Additionally, they win big, and they are always willing to take risks on their favourite casino games. They understand all the risks, and they know exactly what they are doing on their favourite gaming websites or casinos. Since they are loyal customers, a casino will include or invite them into its VIP Club or program.

As a VIP member at your favourite casino, you will be sure to take advantage of some VIP cashback bonuses. Make a deposit each day and enjoy big cashback incentives like 15% and 20% on all of your losses across different games. This means that when you hit a losing week or month, you’ll be sure to get a certain percentage of your stake back in the future.

Most casinos offer a VIP cashback bonus. This bonus makes sense to regular and loyal casino players since they are comfortable playing at one site. So always ensure that a casino has a VIP Club or program before you can sign up with it.

What Casino Cashback Rates Do Online Gaming Platforms Offer?

Aside from checking the different ongoing promotions and VIP rewards available, it is also important to find out the casino cashback rates on offer. If you are an experienced player, then you have already come across promotions such as getting a 10 cashback offer on all of your losses at Blackjack or Book of Dead slot machine every Monday, up to a maximum of £50. This is just an example of a cashback bonus, and it has important things to keep into consideration.

First off, the bonus is only available on Monday. Secondly, its cashback rate is 10%, and the maximum amount that you can receive as a cashback bonus is £50. Therefore, as a player, you can only claim this 10 cashback bonus when you deposit a minimum of £500 and place wagers. Also, you must lose all of these wagers on specific games, including Book of Dead and Blackjack. If you play other game titles or lose more than £500, then you will not receive your 10 cashback offer.

However, if you are a VIP member at any casino cashback website, you will find that the restrictions are limited. To be on the safe side, you should either join the VIP Club, look for 10 cashback offers with higher cashback caps, or those that are available for a long period or on a massive selection of games.

How Do I Claim Cashback Offers?

A casino cashback offer is one of the easiest bonuses to claim in the online gaming industry. You can claim it by simply creating an account with your favourite casino, making a deposit and playing your best games. While no player likes losing a wager, this promotion is available to soften the blow.

Casino cashback offers are calculated up to a given percentage, which is usually between 10% and 20%. Once you make a deposit, play the selected games, and lose the required amount, your online casino will automatically deposit the bonus funds or credits to your playing account at the specified time. The amount of the casino cashback offer or free spins depends on how much you have lost and the reward scheme of your gambling site.


Casino Cashback offers are a great way for players to take advantage of the best online casinos. They help them to get a given percentage of their lost bets and provide them with another opportunity to play their favourite casino games and possibly increase their bankrolls.

Whether you love cashback free spins or credits, you will find gambling cashback sites a perfect destination for you.

We always promote responsible gambling, We also suggest casino players check the terms and conditions at any site they visit before registering and depositing any money.

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