Bingo TV Ads Hall of Fame

Bingo TV Ads Hall of Fame

Bingo TV ads and the music used in them is an interesting topic whether you’re a fan of the game or not! Since the first online bingo commercial appeared on television (we believe it was from Think Bingo, a now-closed brand), we have seen many iconic tunes, and quite a few celebrities used to promote a variety of different bingo brands.

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Over the years there have been many changes in the rules and regulations governing how any gambling product is advertised and for a while, online bingo operators were having their wrists slapped on quite a regular basis for inadvertently (in some cases) flouting these rules.

We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to bingo adverts. Some have been head-turners just because of the music used in them, others because they have been so bad and then there have been a few that have been cheeky, to say the least. Paddy Power is a name notorious for falling into the latter category!

On this page, we look at a variety of different bingo TV ads, the music that made them work, or fail and the general storyboard of some of the best and worst.

If we have missed one that you think should appear on our Bingo TV Ads Hall of Fame, leave us a comment below and we’ll consider adding it.

What is the song in the Gala Bingo TV advert?

There have been many songs used in commercials for this online bingo brand and we’ve tried to find them for you.

Remember in 2015 when Gala had the ‘Galalala’ tune? Well, that was a parody of a Bananarama song called ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye’, a hit for the band in 1983. Before that, the original was released in the US in 1969 by a band called Steam.

The current Gala Bingo campaign, launched in February 2020, doesn’t feature any songs although Paisley from tattoo fixers does play a mean guitar riff with her feet!

Who is the singer in the Gala Bingo TV ads?

We’re not sure of the name of the singer who covered the Bananarama song for Gala but we do know that Keith Duffy from Boyzone made a guest appearance in one commercial from this brand. It was the Christmas campaign for 2018.

What is your favourite Gala Bingo commercial at BBW?

We’re quite a fan of the current Gala Bingo advert. We love Paisley and her upfront, no sides attitude that we see in Channel 4’s Tattoo Fixers and whilst she isn’t a face that everyone knows, she gives the brand a younger feel in the ‘Bingo Like A Box’ campaign.


Have any Gala Bingo TV ads been banned?

There was a TV ad that aired in February 2017 featuring the British TV Game Show – The Chase stars and one complaint was made to the ASA about the size of the small print of the terms and conditions. The ASA ruled that the text was not clearly legible and Gala had to rectify this before the advert could be aired again.

Who does the ‘are you going to bingo?’ TV ad?

‘Are You Going to Bingo’ TV advert is a campaign that was launched in February 2018 for Sun Bingo. The music in this commercial was created for the advert by British Comedian  Jayde Adams and unlike many others, was not a take on an iconic tune. That said, if you hear the song “are you gonna bingo?”, it’ll be your earworm for a while!

Who is in the Sun Bingo TV Ad?

The star of the advert for Sun Bingo, the lady who sings the now famous line ‘are you gonna bingo?’ is none other than Jayde Adams. At the time it first appeared on our TV screens, Jayde Adams was a name that was just becoming known in the comedy circuit. Now she’s a name synonymous with the Sun Bingo TV advert.

What is your favourite Sun Bingo advert at BBW?

There have been a few different versions of an advertising campaign for this brand but we have to say, hand on heart, it has to be the original ‘Are You Gonna Bingo?’ by Jayde Adams.

Bingo TV Ad by Sun Bingo - Are You Gonna Bingo 30 seconds

Whether it stays as the favourite from this brand, well, that depends on what is coming next!

Has the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ever banned a Sun Bingo TV Ad?

We don’t recall Sun Bingo ever being under scrutiny for one of their adverts directly, but Fabulous Bingo, the spin-off to the brand did get a bit of a telling off in 2012!

Who is the actress in the Foxy Bingo TV Ad?

There have been many different celebrities that have appeared in the adverts for Foxy over the years but probably the most famous was Heather Graham. It was in 2017 that the actress famous for roles in Austin Powers, Boogie Nights, The Hangover and other movies as well as TV roles in Twin Peaks and Scrubs was revealed as the person in the fox suit.

It didn’t go down too well with avid Foxy fans and within a year or so, the fox was back to being himself.

Here’s the reveal commercial:

What music has been used in the Foxy Bingo TV ads?

Now there is a question! We have seen some really iconic tunes being used to promote this brand on television and before Cashcade sold the company, the advertising for Foxy was second to none. There was a real buzz in the industry when a new marketing campaign was to launch by this brand.

Tunes that have been used in adverts for this online bingo site have included:

  • Sister Sledge – We Are Family – 2008 campaign
  • Lipps Inc. – Funky Town – 2009 – He’s Back campaign
  • Olivia Newton John and John Travolta – You’re The One That I Want – 2010
  • Born Free – Matt Monro – 2010
  • Pointer Sisters – I’m So Excited – 2014
  • Get Happy – Judy Garland – 2015
  • Benny Goodman – Sing, Sing, Sing – 2016

Who is the voice of Foxy Bingo?

The voice of the loveable wild animal from the Foxy adverts is a former DJ and Radio Presenter, Adam Catterall. He is also a sports presenter but when you hear his voice, you instantly think of the popular character from the bingo site.

Which of the Foxy Bingo TV Ads do you think is best?

That’s a really hard question to answer because, without a doubt, this brand has had some of the most impressive campaigns to date. If we had to pick a winner, it would definitely be the ‘You’re The One That I Want’ campaign from 2010.

Foxy Bingo - TV Commercial 2010

Have there been complaints about any Foxy Bingo TV ads?

With great advertising campaigns comes scrutiny from the ASA and we’ve often questioned if that one complaint that was received came from a competitor. Where they a little green around the gills because their marketing agency didn’t come up with an impressive campaign?

In 2008 two of their television adverts were investigated by the ASA and neither complaint was upheld.

In 2015 the ASA challenged if the Foxy Bingo advert below, and the star of the commercial itself, held appeal to those under the age of 18. The ASA did not uphold this complaint either.

Foxy Bingo TV Advert

Where is the tombola TV ad filmed?

The tombola bingo adverts have been filmed in various locations over the years. In 2018 at the Valley Gardens, in Harrogate and other Yorkshire locations have been host to filming too.

Can you appear in a tombola TV ad?

If you fancy starring in a tombola commercial then make sure you are a member of their online bingo site. You’ve only got to watch the adverts to see that they aren’t animated and feature real people, but those people aren’t actors, they are real players who were recruited by the brand to appear in the advert.

If you had to choose a favourite tombola marketing campaign, which would it be?

As we have already said in our tombola review, our favourite from this brand was the one featuring the animated bingo balls having a great time at a funfair. This was banned in March 2009 by the ASA but remains the best one from this brand in our opinion.

It was banned because the ASA felt that the advert had appeal to those under the age of 18 and therefore could not be shown on television again.

Tombola Bingo TV Advert

Has tombola ever been in trouble with the ASA for their television adverts?

Despite being one of the best socially responsible brands online today, tombola has not had just the one dalliance with the ASA when it comes to their marketing. Just over a year after their initial ban, they were once again under scrutiny by the ASA but for a different reason.

It was in March 2010 that the ASA banned the next advert from tombola for presenting ‘a negative racial stereotype’.

TV ad - Backing Singer,bingo,bingo sites

We’re sure that wasn’t the intention of tombola, but nonetheless the commercial was banned and not seen again on television. It was then we saw the current format for advertising on the small screen from this brand, commercials that some have suggested look more like they are advertising a dating app rather than a bingo site.

What are your top five bingo TV Ads and why?

Two of our top five have already been included on this page – the tombola funfair advert and the Foxy Bingo ‘You’re The One That I Want’ commercial.

Here’s the top five, as they say in the chart rundown on the radio, from five to number one!

#5– Mecca Bingo – Meccarena – 2018

Another well-known tune earned Mecca Bingo a place in our top five, although we were disappointed to see that they pinched the dancing dog idea from Wink Bingo! That said, we loved the parody of the popular 1986 song from Los del Rio.

Spend £10, Get £5 In March! | #Meccarena

#4 – Wink Bingo – Dance On The Ceiling – 2009

We love the tune used in this advert from Wink Bingo and think it portrays the winning feeling well. It was a close call for us between this and the dancing dog from this brand!

Watch the dance on the ceiling

#3– Sun Bingo – Are You Gonna Bingo – 2018

For us, it’s just the real sense of fun in this advert and as much as you might hate it, the tune sticks in your mind! We’ve included the full version because we love the talking horse!

Sun Bingo "Are You Gonna Bingo?"

#2 – tombola – La Vida Es Un Tombola – 2009

We’ve already included the clip for this commercial on the page but the reason it takes second place is that for us, it just brought the fun of the tombola brand to life. Add to that the music just has the feel-good factor.

#1 – Foxy Bingo – You’re The One That I Want – 2010

How could this not take our number one spot? If Carling did bingo advertising, Foxy is what they would be doing. It was hard to pick one from the mass of great adverts that this brand churned out regularly when owned by Cashcade but we opted for this one because of how iconic the tune is, that and we love how Foxy appears to be checking out Mandy’s backside on a couple of occasions during the commercial.

What are the funniest bingo TV ads you have seen?

Jackpot Joy gets a mention here and it wasn’t a bingo advert that earned the brand its place in the ‘Funniest Bingo Adverts’.

When Barbara Windsor was the Queen of Bingo for Jackpot Joy there was a special Comic Relief skit that was done and in it, the Queen of Bingo pies the loveable fox of Foxy Bingo. It was great to see one brand acknowledge another on their social media channels and whether your team Foxy or team JJ, you had to smile.

This all happened back in March 2011 and whilst it is clear that it’s not the real Foxy, it’s great!

Paddy Power Bingo came up with a novel way of advertising their online offering by using a giant mechanical pigeon doing what pigeons do best. Only Paddy Power could get away with it!

Paddy Power Bingo Pigeon

What is the weirdest bingo commercial you have viewed?

The weirdest bingo advert that we have ever come across has to be the one from a site called Bingo On The Box. It’s a Microgaming brand owned by Betway now and in 2009 we found a clip of its television campaign on YouTube.

We never actually saw it on our TV screens but if you watch it, you’ll see why it’s worthy of the title ‘Weirdest Bingo Commercial’.

Thumb Bingo TV Commercial - 2009

Bingo TV Ads – Our Summary

In all of the adverts that we have included on this page, we haven’t covered even half of those that have been seen over the years on the small screen in the commercial breaks of your favourite TV programs.

Whilst bingo advertising isn’t what it once was because of the tighter regulations now, brands continue to surprise us with new and interesting ways to promote their product.

We’re excited to see what’s coming next!

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