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If you play online bingo you will be no stranger to side games and instant win games like scratch cards. And if you don’t fancy your chances at playing lottery games either, there is a quicker and potentially more fun alternative.  Scratch cards provide players with instant win games and gratification if they win, and sometimes the top prizes can be big.

But how do you know which are the best scratch cards and which will give you the best chances of nabbing the top prizes?

Top Sites to Play Scratch Cards 2023

We list the best sites to play scratch tickets and instant win games.

How Do I Pick A Winning Scratch Card?

Short of having x-ray vision, you’re never going to be able to determine the prizes that lie beneath that silver covering. That being said, there are ways to determine the chances of winning on a scratch card. Whether you are playing online scratch cards or scratch cards national lottery offers, there are ways to increase your chances of winning the game.

Don’t Just Go For The Least Pricey Games

It’s easy to fall victim to buying cheap scratch cards but this may mean lower odds of getting a prize. A National lottery scratchcard can cost anywhere between £1 and £10 with some of the more expensive ones offering a much larger prize and whilst you may think that opting for a cheaper card may be beneficial, more often than not, you won’t get one of the top prizes.

Be Smart

Whilst quality over quantity is important, it is also worth noting that many of the mid-range scratch cards offer an impressive prize. For example, you can pop to your local newsagent and pick up one of the best lottery cards for a couple of quid and potentially walk away with a prize that’s comparable to one of those in the more expensive games.

This is particularly important if you are playing multiple games every week, keeping the stakes lower will prevent you from overspending because whilst these games are fun, they need to be played responsibly.

This brings us to our next point…

Always Budget

No matter how much or how little cash you want to spend on tickets each week, you should stick to a budget. It can be all too easy to tell yourself ‘just one more’ in the hope of getting that top prize only to be left disappointed. Setting a budget and sticking to it will give you the best playing experience.

Look At The Odds

Many people ask themselves what are the chances of winning on a scratch card? The truth is that card manufacturers need to give you clear odds. On all national lottery scratch cards, you will find the ODDS of winning on the reverse of the card. If you want to be confident in your gameplay, you should follow this simple tactic that many of the top players always abide by.

In addition to this, those players who opt for an online game can still use this tip to access the top prizes by looking at the RTP or return to player figure which gives you the odds as a percentage.

Buy More Than One At A Time

It is commonly thought that the makers of the scratch card will strategically place a winner at various points in production, with the national lottery card scratch games, this can be seen in the odds of winning as mentioned above. As a result of this, you are likely to get a better prize if you give yourself more chances to win.

Choose your games

With so many scratch cards available it may seem like an impossible task to find a winner and walk away with a prize worth talking about. Like many people who play games in the casino, choosing one game may up the chances of nabbing a win.

As an example, one of the games available from the National Lottery is Triple Cashword. This game is played where words you scratch off are revealed, and if you match 3 complete works and one of them includes a circled letter, then you triple your prize.

Educate Yourself

For the really big players, there is a method known as the singleton method in which players will study each of the cards to get a knowledge of the layout which may determine the combination of symbols or numerals that appear on the scratch card. Whilst a lot of companies have cottoned on to this, there are still some who are making their cards in this way, especially those with numbers on the side.

Which Scratch Cards Have The Best Odds?

If you are looking to hit the jackpot on some of the best national lottery scratchcards you will need to pick one that offers great odds of getting lucky. Whilst knowing the odds doesn’t mean a guaranteed win, it can certainly boost your chances of getting some cash.

Best Scratch Cards to WinAs we have already mentioned, the odds of bagging big prizes are printed on the reverse of each scratch card or are given as a percentage when playing online. Before you buy your card, you should always check this, it’s one of the best ways of ensuring you may be holding a winner in your hands.

Currently, the National Lottery has a wealth of potentially lucrative games available where scratch cards are concerned with some offering a prize of up to £2 million – that’s got to be reason enough to play. However, these high cash games such as the £2 million purple or the 20X tend to have only one card that features the ultimate winning combination compared to the lower prize games like Fruit 500s which still have more than 500 top prizes to be won.

What’s even more exciting is that there are always new games being released as well as older ones being revamped and updated. Take the famous triple cashwords for example, which has recently been given an overhaul making it easier than ever to win. With the addition of a bonus game in which you must reveal a complete word that contains a circled letter, players are now able to win stacks more cash. The best part? You can win as much as £300k on a card that is available for just £3!

Online Scratching Games

Most of our lives are conducted online in this modern, digital era and for anyone who loves to take their chances at hitting the jackpot on a scratch card can easily do so on the internet.

Many of the biggest casino and betting websites are offering new customers some amazing deals so that you will be able to take advantage of site-wide games as well as those fun scratch card games. Some of the most recognisable names in the industry like Betway, 888 Casino and Spela are offering huge bonuses and free spins upon signing up. Some casino sites also offer VIP players with 10% cashback on all losses and bets like All British Casino and No Bonus Casino.

The most popular in the UK right now appears to be the Doctor Love scratch game at Betway where they will match any initial deposit of up to £250 – that’s a lot of chances at the big win!


In a bid to win some instant win cash, many people opt to buy one of the many scratch card games that are available both online and physically and whilst these often give you the chance to win big, it is worth checking the odds before you play to make sure you stand the best chance. That being said, other things can be done to increase the chance of getting one of the jackpot prizes such as sticking with one game and buying your tickets in bulk.

Most importantly, you should remember that whilst there are a lot of ways of boosting the likelihood of a big win, a spattering of luck doesn’t go amiss either.

Always gamble responsibly, and check all the terms and conditions before you play.

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