Bingo All Stars – More Like Bingo Has Beens

Launching a new online bingo site in a marketplace that is already over run with brands poses a number of obstacles for an operator. One of those is bringing something to the table that grabs the player’s interest enough to tempt them to your brand over the hundreds that are already available to choose from. Bingo All Stars opened to players in May 2020 and their unique selling point (USP) is that it’s fronted by a host of celebrities.

My issue with the celebrities involved in Bingo All Stars is that they are currently aimed at the middle-aged generation. If you’re under the age of 25, it’s unlikely that Mr Motivator and Rustie Lee are going to be names that have you rushing to play at this particular site. In addition, Christopher Biggins, Russell Grant and Linda Lusardi all had their heyday in the 80’s and whilst many of the 40+ generation who play bingo will remember them, isn’t this just a bit too niche?

Bingo All Stars

So whilst I get what they are trying to do, we’re now seeing celebrities as the face of online bingo brands in the past, but is it enough to keep the players interested? I’m not convinced.

When you strip back the ‘big names’ that you may get to chat to briefly in the chat rooms, what you are left with is just another Dragonfish brand with the same game play, online slot choices, depositing options with a couple of unique promos thrown in.

With all that said, hats off to them for working hard on their USP. It must cost a pretty penny to retain these “stars” and if any of the faces of Bingo All Stars do have you fangirling / fanboying then every Friday night you could be one of five players who wins a Facetime call with one of them.

Whilst Bingo All Stars will no doubt appeal to many, will it be enough to sustain the cost of the stars?

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