One Is Not Cut Out To Be A Bingo Caller

When it comes to calling online bingo numbers we have heard quite a few celebrities take up the role of bingo caller over the years. More recently, although not online, Prince William and his wife the Duchess of Cambridge had a crack at it at a care home only to be told that they were ‘s***’ at it by a resident!

The resident in question, Joan Drew Smith, pulled no punches when giving the future king and his Mrs her honest verdict on their attempt at bingo calling.

She didn’t mince her words when she told them that they had done ‘a bloody s****y job’ much to the amusement of the pair.

This wasn’t their first time at bingo calling; the pair undertook a virtual visit to the Shire Hall Care Home in Cardiff back in May and even then, Joan was eager to tell them that their bingo lingo ‘wasn’t as good as it should have been’.

In the original game, the royal couple used an old tombola style machine to store the balls. When calling the numbers, none of the fun calls were used. The Duchess just used the traditional style ‘5 and 8, 58’ You can see the clip below:

Prince William and Kate Turn Bingo Callers via Virtual Call to Care Home

A return visit in person did little to improve the reviews from this particular resident either. The easing of lockdown meant that the residents of the home got to see the Royals in the flesh but this did little to improve the feedback from this particularly feisty resident.

Prince William sat with Joan and others and reminded them of the last time he called bingo for them. He joked with them that it could be that they weren’t recognised as they were now sporting face masks. It was he who reminded the residents of the poor feedback from their virtual bingo calling, saying ‘You said we didn’t do a very good job’. It was at this point that Joan piped up with her response. It wasn’t just the blood of the Royals that was blue, the air had a slightly blue hue to it too!

Staff and the royal couple guffawed at her response with Prince William enquiring as to whether it really was that bad. He even asked if he was the worse bingo caller she had ever seen. Joan replied ‘I’ve got more to see’.

We presume that the royal couple opted to use the traditional style bingo calls again rather than the more risqué that we have seen introduced over the years.

Here’s a selection of bingo calls that we think might have been worth incorporating into the sessions that they hosted that may have seen more positive feedback from the care home residents:

  • Number 1 – Had the best Mum
  • Number 6 – Henry’s wives
  • Number 8 – William and Kate
  • Number 21 – Royal salute
  • Number 35 – Harry’s age
  • Number 38 – William’s age

If you can think of any other royal related bingo calls that could have been used, we would love to hear them!

Nickie Shute

Nickie Shute

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