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In today’s online bingo industry there aren’t many brands that offer free money in the truest sense of the word but tombola do! Whilst it’s not the standard welcome offer for new players registering a new account at the site, the tombola £5 free codes can be found in many different places.

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It could be that you’ve been sent one of the Tombola codes by a friend who is already a member of the site, or that you have found one in your favourite publication. Additionally, this brand also intermittently announced that all of their regular players, those already deposited with the site, are able to claim a £5 free bonus too!

tombola 5 bonus code

Updated for August 2020, you will find on this page that we try and cover all the bases of the Tombola £5 free codes; from where to find them, how to claim them and how you can make the most of the free codes that are offered by this really popular bingo brand.

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The History of the tombola £5 Free Codes

The £5 free codes from tombola have been around quite some time. It was back in May 2009 that we first got wind of the deal when tombola started to publish codes in specific publications only. At that time you would find details of the impending release for the bonus codes on-site and we found reference to several different magazines in an article:

  • Woman
  • That’s Life
  • Take A Break
  • What’s On TV
  • TV Choice
  • Woman’s Own
  • Soap Life
  • Bella

This carried on for quite some time with the site announcing various publications that the codes would be given away in.

It was a few years later that we noticed that some of our online shopping deliveries would arrive with a Tombola £5 free code voucher inside. Shopping at Littlewoods or Very would often reveal another £5 code but as registered players, we couldn’t take advantage of the offer, as it was one unique to those registering a new account with the site.

This continues to this day but is not limited to the two brands we have used as examples.

As well as the codes that were printed in publications or distributed with online shopping deliveries, Tombola also introduced the codes to their Playmates scheme. This was done back in 2014 and as we explain later in this article, all players who have deposited with the brand are given five codes to share with their friends and family.

Unlike the other £5 free codes that are given away by this site, when a code from Playmates is used, the player who supplied the code also benefits when the recipient wins!

Other £5 free bonuses are awarded to players at the site intermittently as a promotion. These offers are advertised on the home page and usually, the £5 is awarded in alphabetical order by surname. This is an example of this type of offer taken from a news article published online:

‘The free fivers are to be given away in alphabetical order, using your surname. Some days you will see just one letter released, whilst on others, there could be two or three.’

Like all things Tombola, the brand knows when something works well on attracting the new players’ attention, maintaining the interest of the regulars, and re-engaging with lapsed players. For this reason, we think the £5 free codes are going to be around for quite some time now!

It is worth noting about the £5 free bonus from Tombola the following points:

  • The £5 free is awarded as bonus money
  • Bonus money cannot be withdrawn
  • Winnings from bonus money can be withdrawn immediately, there are no wagering requirements.
  • Bonus money can be used on all games except Hamster Races and Tombola Roulette.

Where can I get a £5 free bonus from Tombola?

If you were to search for ‘Tombola £5 free bonus’ online, you might find several different pages just like ours that will tell you all the details of the bonus codes and how to claim them, much like we do. However, finding one of the codes that are still valid is a little more difficult.

Further on in this article, we have listed some of the bonus codes that we have found. When we come across more, we will add any more that we come across there too. We have also left the comments open for players to leave their Playmates codes if they wish.

Alternatively, check your recent online shopping delivery because we have seen them in numerous different deliveries although these vary between Tombola and Tombola Arcade.

You can also check your favourite publication; it may be that there is a leaflet containing a bonus code in amongst the other inserts that we often find in popular magazines.

How do I claim my free £5?

Claiming your free £5 from the site is pretty straightforward but you do have to visit a specific site address. Rather than the main home page of Tombola, the address you will need is

Claim your free £5 at tombola - No deposit required

Visiting the page, you have to click the ‘Get Started’ button and then enter all of the information that is required. These include your email, the free fiver code, a username of your choosing, a password that you create, and your date of birth.

You then need to decide if you want to receive their promotional emails before moving on to provide a little more information. It’s just like setting up a new account and whilst you are taken to the depositing screen, you do have the option to skip this stage.

There’s also the option to set a depositing limit and if you do this – you will receive a £1 bonus immediately! This means your free bonus to play at the site is a total of £6.

How do I refer a friend on Tombola?

The best way to refer a friend to Tombola is to use one of your Playmates codes that we look at more in-depth further on in this article.

To access your Playmates area at the site you have to follow the following instructions:

  1. Login to your tomola account.
  2. Click ‘my account’ and from the left-hand menu following the link to Playmates.
  3. If you have any gift cards left to use, you can click on it and are offered the option of saving, emailing, copying the link, or printing it.
  4. Give the code to your friend in whatever way you choose, they just need the five letters of the code.

Tombola £5 free from Playmates

In 2014 Tombola made the decision to give each and every depositing player £5 codes to distribute to their friends and family. Each code was unique to each player and what’s impressive about this ongoing offer is that there are rewards to be had by the player dishing out the codes!

If someone uses your code and then goes on to deposit and spend £20 real money, you will receive £20 in bonus money*!

But it doesn’t stop there when one of your friends or family use a code that you have provided because every time they win, you get lucky too. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Here’s the table of what can be won:

They WinYou Win
£20+£2 real money
£50+£10 real money
£100+£20 real money
£500+£50 real money

What’s great is that when you win from Playmates, the money is yours immediately. No wagering, no restrictions. You can either play with it or withdraw it; the choice is yours.

Whilst you only get five codes initially, as time moves on and if all your codes have been used, Tombola do issue with more but not on a very regular basis.

*Bonus money can be used on all games at the site apart from Hamster Race and Tombola Roulette. Bonus money cannot be withdrawn but any winnings derived from the bonus can be withdrawn immediately!

Tombola bonus codes

In this section we will be adding any current £5 Tombola free codes available in 2020 that we come across; either in personal deliveries or our own Tombola Playmates.

*Please note that all codes listed are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The code may be used by the time that you get to this page but we are adding new ones all the time.

16 May 2020 – From online delivery

Two codes for Tombola Arcade

  • NKX 6065 15618
  • NKY 5062 86837

16 May 2020 – From Playmates

Four codes for Tombola

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